• Mikes vision of how a deal can close, and his well thought out plans have been key to his success
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    Closing Plans

    Focused and Fearless CLOSING PLANS
    Many unsuccessful, or mid league table salespeople, can be regarded as occupying their time by ‘SALES-ING ‘rather than SELLING or in particular CLOSING.
    What does this mean? What is Sales-ing? Sales-ing is doing all the sales activities but never or rarely closing a deal. Such a salesperson may look good, appear to be very busy, have appointments ,deliver many quotations, have lots of ideas at sales meetings, has all the support people fully occupied on his or her ‘opportunities’, and gets on really, really well with clients. These tasks are important but if not specifically executed as tasks that lead to closing the deal, then they are simply ‘sales-ing’. 
    A hungry lion is interested in the kill. Not the chase which is a means to an end.
    Many Sports physiologists teach sports people such as athletes, footballers and Rugby players to imagine the finishing tape, the clock speed they need, the goal or perhaps lifting the illustrious trophy. This is based on the doctrines that if you visualise and feel the result you want, you will be focused to make it really happen. Sales people also need to visualise their success. Importantly ‘sales-ing’ gives way to become stepping stone tasks that lead to the visualised and desired goal.A successful close.
    Tailored course content and coaching skills can include;-
    • Understanding Sales-ing v closing strategies.
    • Understanding and visualising the Sales cycle, Stepping Stones and ladder to success techniques.
    • Managing Closing ratios and activity to generate required revenue.
    • Creating and adopting an agreed and structured sales process and steps leading to closure.
    • How to share your plan of activities with your customer and agree the process leading to a decision
    • How to mange the Sales funnel from Blue Sky to closure and forecast accurately.
    • How to SALES REVIEW an opportunity** with a structured analysis of the current position, key players and roles, identified pain and agreed needs, identified strengths and weaknesses in a proposal (red flags), the  possible and best actions leading to closure.
    • How to make each meeting a progression to the next stage (PPP technique)
    • Understanding different closing methods and how, and when to use them.
    • Objection handling
    • Negotiation methods and strategies.
    • Building a sales success culture company wide.
    ** Mike is also available to conduct an independent SALES REVIEW of individual Sales Opportunities in a team’s pipeline and together with the sales person, and/or sales management discuss and evaluate the chances of success, any corrective action needed, information shortfalls, best next actions and a timed closing plan.
    Remember , the customer is only  focused on P = R-C and we as Consultative sellers must also be but with the added ingredient of selling time scales to speed up this process and close the deal to mutual benefit.