• Mike has always been willing to mentor both team colleagues and young recruits who appreciate his real life experience in a wide variety of scenarios
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    Coaching & Mentoring

    Investing in one to one coaching can be a far better return on investment than replacing under performers and the subsequent cost of recruiting new staff. Often the difference between a mid league table Sales person and a top performer can be narrowed down to a single or small number of areas of concern, a lack of knowledge or training, a lack of confidence or even fear.

    Coaching and Mentoring is offered on two levels;- Sales Management, Coaching and Mentoring and Salesperson, Coaching and Mentoring.

    Sales Management Coaching and Mentoring.
    This service is ideal for those new to Sales Management or more experienced Managers who need a Coach to help organise and motivate their team, prepare accurate forecasts, introduce sales best practices, provide training and guidance, customer call assistance, monitor sales pipeline progress and Sales reviews for example.

    Salesperson Coaching and Mentoring.
    This one to one service is similar to above but focused on the individual and their specific needs. Confidential mentoring discovers the areas of sales that the person wishes to improve upon or learn new skills and is a combination of office based coaching plus if possible, accompanied customer calls. The latter is a unique way of observing the individual so that post call analysis can be used to monitor progress and putting into practice the agreed solutions to their specific needs.
    Small groups of delegates can share office based coaching and training if appropriate and where common needs are identified. Combined with individual break out sessions and accompanied customer visits, this is a fast track method to achieve a better outcome for an individual or  sales team.

    The benefits of One to One Coaching and Mentoring are;-

    • Ensures that new skills and techniques are put into practice, and become natural 
    • Ensures time is spent on the focus areas of concern and not wasted on other topics
    • Ensures a common approach to sales processes across the company and teams
    • Provides feedback as to the ability to adapt and willingness to embrace change
    • Reinforces classroom based training.
    • Provides better ROI than additional or replacement recruitment

    Constructive, consultative Coaching and Mentoring on a one to one basis produces the very best from individuals and a better outcome for Sales and the Company.