Frequently Asked Questions

About Courses and Services

Can courses be held outside of the UK and how relevant are they to overseas candidates?

Yes Certainly, though all courses are delivered in English. Selling principles, and our four pillars of  Consultative Selling are the same in most parts of the World, though we recognise the commercial terms and codes of practice may vary and are out of scope. 

Are your courses tailorable to individual Customer needs?

Yes of course, following an analysis of your training needs a selection of topics from multiple standard courses can be delivered. Depending upon the degree of customisation a preparation and set up fee may be applicable.

Do you run public courses or with multiple customers present?

Not generally as we prefer to offer specific courses to match a customers needs and relevant to their industry .The ideal class size is between 4 and 8 candidates, though of course 1;1 coaching is also available and cost effective. 

Are your courses and material suitable for Non IT industry Sales?

Absolutely! The basic principles of Business to Business selling are the same whether you sell Computers, Office Equipment, Professional Services,Vehicle Fleets,Maintenance Contracts, Air Conditioning and so on.Anything that involves high value, complex and long term consultative sales relationships


Will videos play on an iphone or ipad?

Yes, videos will play on all browsers and platforms.