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  • The biggest mistake a salesman can make is to waste time on the sales he looses, if you are going to loose, loose early - Dermott Bradley.
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    Obtaining opportunity identification and ruthless QUALIFICATION skills

    Successful sales people should never stop hunting for new opportunities. Having a realistic approach to conversion ratios, closing time scales, and management of the sales funnel should always be at the forefront of successful salespersons and Sales Managers thought process, in order to generate the desired revenue.

    Once a number of opportunities have been identified how much time should be spent on which opportunities? How can a salesperson decide upon which opportunities to forecast, which ones to discard, and what actions and information will move the chosen opportunities a step nearer to a successful close?

    This course answers these questions using some or all of the following content;-


    • Habitual hunting techniques to fill a pipe line
    • Pipe line awareness and management.
    • Territory management and account classification, M.A.P
    • Establishing if there is a problem we, and our product and services can actually help solve?
    • Establishing if the problem is causing pain, or preventing a positive way forward?
    • How to move an implied Need to an agreed Need
    • How to cost justify your solution
    • How to indentify key people in the decision process and their roles and degree of influence.
    • How realistic are time scales and Size of the opportunity
    • How to measure % chance win or loose
    • How to improve the % chance win 

    All of the above topics can be discussed and illustrated with clear modelling, sales tools, role plays, questioning techniques and real life examples

    Upon completion candidates will be able to accurately and realistically assess their current and desired pipeline, identify the qualified opportunities, understand actions to take, and accurately forecast business revenue.