• Mike's sales successes result from his unique tried and tested methods and now passing on his skills is an opportunity not to be missed
  • Having a fresh pair of eyes reviewing our pipeline has improved forecasting and our hit rate enormously
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    Sales Reviews

    Many Organisations struggle to accurately forecast the volume, value and time scales of future sales, which in return can create problems managing cash flow, working capital, and profit targets. Knowing where to focus resources, what actions should be taken next and which opportunities are most likely to close can be a difficult task for Sales Directors, Sales Managers and Salespersons alike.
    The Sales Review provides an independent and outside look at the Sales opportunity and working with you on a collaborative ‘one to one’ basis or in a workshop environment, ensures that your forecasting is based on realistic, accurate and objective criteria.
    The Sales Review process draws on Mikes considerable training and experience of analysing and qualifying a Sales pipeline and in turn, specific opportunities to measure current percentage chance of winning, weaknesses and strengths of the proposal, information known (and not known) that could lead to a better outcome.utcome, possible next actions and a best course of action to close the deal.
    The Sales Review conducted in a consultative, advisory and constructive manner drawing on effective Sales tools and review techniques, can also be regarded as educational for the individual and future reference for on-going reviews by themselves and the Sales management team. Initially the process can be regarded incorrectly as a ‘forecast grilling’ session but experience has shown that once the value of a third party opinion and perhaps alternative approaches and suggestions have been considered, the individuals can be invigorated to positively act and purposely move forward to a close, or indeed stop wasting resources on a lost cause!
    Attendance at previous Consultative Sales Training Company courses is not mandatory, though the Sales Review can be used to identify skill levels and gaps for a Sales team or individuals and recommendations made for subsequent training and a better Sales outcome.
    To discuss how an independent Sales Review can improve your Sales force performance, please call Mike on 07446 197444 to discuss your specific needs.