• Customers and fellow sales colleagues alike benefit from this unique consultative sales tool developed by Mike
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    Solution Design

    The Pre-Sale Project Definition Workshop (PDW) method to obtain a SOLUTION DESIGN

    Successful selling is helping customers understand what they need and making difficult decisions………….

    But where do you and the customer begin?

    Many customers, when faced with a complex, important or large investment purchase, have very little previous experiences to draw upon. It may be many years since the last ‘solution’ was purchased and now a confusing array of new technology and methods are available. New and conflicting ideas of how a new solution should look may be present, as individuals or departments have differing needs and ‘must haves’ in the new design. Cautious behaviour is therefore often exhibited by the appointed project leader, particularly when trying to decide between a tactical purchase and a strategic decision, and consequently time scales disappear into the horizon. Sound familiar?

    In short, many customers and sellers just do not know where to begin!
    The pre-sales Project Definition Workshop (PDW)
    The PDW answers these questions and allows the seller to move into a consultative role. The PDW is a One Day (sometimes shorter , occasionally multiple days) structured and facilitated workshop with key members of the customers project team present, that leads to agreed deliverables and in particular a customer preferred solution design. From this point an informed proposal or quotation, matching exactly what the customer requires, can be produced.

    The PDW can achieve more in one day than a month of calls and is a fast track to customer confidence and a fast track to closure.
    The workshop is conducted in a brain storming and free flow of information style with an emphasis on What? Why?, How? , When?  type questions in each of the Business, Technical and Solution design sections .The customer is encouraged to not only express current ideas and requirements but also consider design alternatives so that due diligence has been exhibited when agreeing the preferred design.
    The pre-sales Project Definition Workshop (PDW) is THE best consultative selling tool Mike Pick has ever encountered and when conducted skilfully will improve the closing ratio dramatically. Mike has successfully used this technique over 100 times to close literally millions of pounds worth of business with accounts such as;-
    British Telecom, Westland Helicopters, St Ivel Foods, Virgin Media, Virgin Mobile, Orange, 3G, Vodafone, British Airways, Scottish and Southern Electric, Sky TV, BBC, T –Mobile, The Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, RICOH, RR Donnelly, and many other SMB customers.
    Tailored course content and coaching skills include;-
    • How to organise a successful PDW.
    Who should attend, roles, facilities, procedures, timing, advance preparation,
    Wall charts, hand outs, tips and tricks, and so on.
    • Business Section
    How to establish the opportunity size and scope of the project
    How to identify business drivers and time scales
    How to establish critical success factors, and tactical v strategic purchases.
    • Technical Section
    How to work with the Sales support team and questioning technique
    How to establish Technical preferences and how to evoke debate on alternatives
    How to measure scalability of a solution, time slices, and criteria for sizing.
    How to identify the possible influences of other projects on this opportunity.
    • Skeleton Design Options
    How to draw out and record all the possible design options.
    How to SWOT analyse each one to choose with the customer, their preferred option.
    • Detailed Design
    How to drill down on chosen design for quotation
    Resource planning and follow up actions
    How to demonstrate life after the sale and move to closure.
    As well as offering a role playing training course, Mike is also available to act as a facilitator for the customer PDW working alongside your Sales and Technical teams.
    'Mike is famous for his legendary PDW process and skills which he has adopted as his own. Customers and fellow sales colleagues alike benefit from this unique consultative sales tool'